The Complete Rundown of DC’s Reboot

The DC Reboot

DC is rebooting their universe almost entirely and is having 52 series starting out at number one this fall This is a massive shake up in the world of comics that has fans waiting to watch the whole thing unfold. I finally got my hands on a catalogue of these series and am about to rate them on an scale of interest. I’m basing this off of personal preference and the writers/artists put on these new series. I’m doing a 1-5 scale. 1 means I’m completely avoiding the series and 5 means I am buying it on the release date.

Justice League : 5

The flagship title is being given the very best that DC has to offer for their team. Geoff Johns is writing while Jim Lee (Batman: Hush) is taking over the artistic duties. With a combo like this, prospects are looking absolutely fantastic. And it’ll be interesting to see the JLA in its early days.

Justice League International: 3

This series follows the B-squad of the Justice League. Membership is made up of DC characters that are lesser known to the public - such as Fire, Ice, Booster Gold, and Guy Gardner Green Lantern. Oh, and Batman is in it. So that’s cool.

Aquaman: 1

Aquaman has long been a joke amongst the comic world. And DC is trying to fix that! Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, the stellar team behind the recent Green Lantern events, are covering the Aquaman series. But even with such talent, I’m still not interested in it. Call me ignorant but you really can’t make Aquaman cool. He’s Aquaman.

Wonder Woman: 4

I’ve never been the biggest Wonder Woman fan but giving Brian Azzarello her series is a big incentive to read it. I am a huge admirer of 100 Bullets and am anxious to see what he could do with a classic character like her.

The Flash: 5

Despite it no longer being canon once the reboot happens, I have been loving reading Flashpoint. And due to how phenomenal the series has been, I’ve gotten really interested in Barry Allen as the Flash. The reboot is promising and with former Witchblade writer Francis Manapul pulling double duty as writer and artist, I only see excellent things ahead.

The Fury of Firestorm: 3

I’ll admit that I’ve never read anything with Firestorm in it. This series has both Firestorms in it and is being co-written by Ethan Van Sciver and Gail Simone. Just the writing alone makes me think that these series have some promise.

Captain Atom: 3

Captain Atom, like Firestorm, is a hero that I never had much experience with. His whole “God amongst men” thing reminds me a lot of Dr. Manhattan and just doesn’t make him all that appealing. I will say that the art for the series looks very well done.

Green Arrow: 5

I am a huge Green Arrow fan and am curious to see how his origin is done in this series by J.T. Krul. Although I loved the origin done by Losers writer Andy Diggle, I’m going to go into this with an open mind. The synopsis talks about how Arrow will be bringing outlaws to justice by “breaking every law.” Do we have a Punisheresque Green Arrow on our hands? And where in the hell does Black Canary figure in?

The Savage Hawkman: 4

I’ve never been interested in Hawkman nor have I known much about him. The synopsis sounds good - dealing with an alien plague taking New York City by storm. It’s being written by Tony Daniel, who did the excellent Battle for the Cowl series after Batman’s death.

DC Universe Presents: 1

This series will spotlight different characters every couple of months, starting out with Deadman. I’ve never been a fan of series like this since I prefer a continuous overall storyline instead of hopping between characters every couple of months.

Mister Terrific: 2

This is another hero that I’ve never been that exposed to during my time as a comic fan.  Evidently, he’s super smart and has a bunch of cool gadgets. If I wanted a gadget based super genius, I’d go read Batman.

Action Comics: 4

I find myself conflicted on this comic. First, I see Superman in a t-shirt, a tiny blanket for a cape, boots, and a nice pair of Mom jeans. This is freaking Superman! He’s suppose to be the most iconic comic character to ever live!!! And they put him in Mom Jeans! Then on the other side of the coin, I see that Grant Morrison of the New X-Men fame is writing it … so that gives me some hope for this series. Despite the idiotic costume choice.

Superman: 2

It stuns me that I’m less interested in the Superman comic that has him in a costume closer to his classic one. But the synopsis doesn’t offer anything that piques my interest in the series.

Supergirl: 4

The synopsis sounds great: Here’s Supergirl, she has the powers of superman and she’s moody like a teenager with none of the love for Earth Superman has. This sounds interesting and has the ability for its story to take on a much darker tone.


Superboy: 3

Superboy has always seemed like such a lame character to me. He’s the product of an experiment to combine human and Kryptonian DNA. The synopsis asks, “Can a clone develop a conscience?” They’re talking about him like he’s a Terminator! I give this a higher rating since its being written by Scott Lodbell, the man that penned the excellent 90s X-spinoff Generation X.


Batman: 4

With Scott Snyder from the America Vampire at the helm of this comic, prospects look good. I’m looking forward to this series, hoping that it will take Batman back to his roots.


Detective Comics: 5

Tony Daniel is taking over the flagship title of the DC universe as both the writer and the artist. The art looks spectacular. And the story almost has a bit of a noir feeling to it as it talks about how everyone’s favorite Dark Knight will be hunting a serial killer called the Gotham Ripper. I can’t wait for this series.

Batwoman: 4

This series features Kate Kane as Batwoman. I know very little about Kate Kane except that she came out as a lesbian and is DC’s biggest LGBT superhero. What I do know about this series is that the art is absolutely stunning. The contrast between the black and white backgrounds and Kate’s bright red hair is just amazing.

Batman: The Dark Knight: 1

One problem I’ve always had with the Batman series is that there is just too much. Head to your local comic store and you will be overwhelmed by the amount of Batman related series that are on sale. I’m hoping the reboot will cut down on it and this series seems unnecessary. It promises to deal with the “legal ramifications of Batman Incorporated.” The Killing Joke is getting retconned but Batman, Inc isn’t? I call BULLSHIT.

Batman and Robin: 1

I don’t want this many Batman series to read on a monthly basis. And I’ve never been the biggest fan of Robin, particularly the Damian Wayne version of Robin. I thought all the heroes were getting rebooted back to their earlier days. So why are we all the way up to freaking Damian Wayne as Robin?!?! Moving on.

Batwing: 1

Who in the hell is Batwing? He’s one of the “Batmen” that were set up in the crap series that was Batman, Inc and he covers Africa. Which is nice, I guess? There is one super hero to protect all of Africa. First, that doesn’t make sense. And second, who is DC trying to market this comic to?  Is it being sold in Africa? Or are they trying to be more racially diverse in the Batfamily? Either way, Batwing is not needed.

Batgirl: 2

The synopsis says, “Yes, it’s really happening.” And comics book fans everywhere scream, “No, make it freaking stop.”  They’re retconning Batman: The Killing Joke, one of the best Batman stories EVER. And even if you’re not an Alan Moore fan, you have to think about it. How much representation does the handicapped community have in the comic world? Professor X (who can walk again) and Oracle (who can walk again). Brilliant. I give this series an extra point since it’s being written by Birds of Prey writer Gail Simone. Since she truly knows the character, all hope might not be lost. Maybe.


Nightwing: 5

I’ve always liked Dick Grayson. He has the ability to carry his own series and he wasn’t that bad of a Batman. But now he’s back in his own series and I couldn’t be happier. I know very little about the writer/artist team. Eddy Barrows, the artist, did some work on Blackest Night. Looking at the work for Nightwing, I’m impressed. The writer, Kyle Higgins, has mostly been known for creating the French Batman in Batman, Inc. Hopefully he’s bringing his A game to this series.

Catwoman: 2

I like Catwoman. As a supporting character. She shows up, annoys Batman, and make really bad cat related puns. I enjoyed their romance in Batman: Hush. But a series focusing on her? I really have no interest in it whatsoever. I give it the extra point since it’s by Judd Winick, the man that penned Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Birds of Prey: 3

It’s not written by Gail Simone. That’s concerning. This series features Black Canary and Starling leading a covert team through Gotham. I don’t have high hopes for this series. While Black Canary is a big plus, there is no mention of Huntress and Oracle is off being Batgirl. Black Canary fans, check this series out. Otherwise, I wouldn’t put a lot into it.


Red Hood and The Outlaws: 4

This series, also by Scott Lobdell, is about sidekicks. It revolves around ex-Robin turned Red Hood Jason Todd (who is still probably whining about Batman letting him die) leading a team. The two other members of the team are Starfire and Arsenal, Green Arrow’s old sidekick. This synopsis doesn’t really say if the Outlaws will be a force of good or evil but I’m interested to see how a team of minor, cast-off characters works. It worked for X-Factor Investigations, so it might work for the Outlaws.


Green Lantern: 5

This is what Geoff Johns should stick with. Forget Aqua Man, he absolutely rocks as a Green Lantern scribe. And with the recent occurrences (Hal Jordan being discharged from the Corp and Sinestro being reinstated), I look forward to what this series has to offer.


Green Lantern Corps:  5

With Hal Jordan gone, John Stewart and Guy Gardner are leading the Corps as conflict arises throughout the universe. As a big John Stewart fan, I look forward to this series. I wonder if Hal Jordan will be showing up at some point?


Green Lantern: New Guardians: 3

Brightest Day did a good job of bringing in all of the different Lantern Corps to the story. In this series, Kyle Rayner will be leading an elite team with a member of each corps on it. With all the corps being so different, I think this will be an interesting series to keep an eye on.


Red Lanterns: 1

This series promises to show the Red Lanterns taking out injustice in extremely bloody ways. That’s the entire synopsis and it definitely is not enough to hook me on the series.


Justice League Dark: 3

Why? They just had to do it. John Constantine does not need to be part of the FUCKING Justice League! It’s just not needed. Yet, here we are. JLD features the magic support side of the Justice League, featuring Deadman, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, and John Constantine.  I give it a 3 since I’ll be picking it up, just to make sure they don’t mess up one of my favorite characters TOO damn badly.


Swamp Thing: 4

One of comic’s most iconic characters is starting back in his own series. Although it’s not Alan Moore writing the story, it’s been turned over to Scott Snyder. I have high hopes for this series.


Animal Man:  3

Animal Man features the title character as he settles into normal life as a family man. Things begin to go awry as his daughter begins to develop super powers of her own. This comic could be interesting, if you’re into this sort of thing. I do have to mention that the art is being done by Travel Foreman, who worked on the excellent Immortal Iron Fist series.


Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.: 1

In the catalog, it tells that Frankenstein(the monster, not the scientist) is working for an agency to defend people against super humans. And then he has a Gatling Gun in the picture and is fighting beside an Asian schoolgirl. There seem to be tentacles coming after them. What? What!?!?! I’m not going anywhere near this mess of nonsense.


I, vampire: 1

Oh look. Vampires. How original. Are we not getting enough of them from every other freaking media outlet on this damn planet? If you want vamp comics, go grab American Vampire by Scott Snyder. I have two words to convince you: Stephen King.


Resurrection Man: 4

Here is another superhero I didn’t know much about. Yet, I find myself interested. Every time this guy dies, he comes back to life with a new superpower … That’s AWESOME. And it will hopefully keep the comic from getting old too quickly. I’ll be on the lookout  for this series.


Demon Knights: 2

This series follows Jason Blood/Entrigan as he moves through the dark ages of the DC universe. This comic series might be good for fans of the Medieval-era/fantasy comics. However, I don’t think Entrigan is the coolest character around.


Stormwatch: 5

Okay, what the hell? When I read the word Stormwatch there, I stopped and scratched my head. Stormwatch is owned by Wildstorm comics, right? This took a quick Wikipedia search to sort out. Evidently, Wildstorm was an imprint of DC and will be incorporating Jack Hawksmoor, Apollo, and the Midnighter into the DC universe with Martian Manhunter to guide them. Holy crap, this seems odd. Regardless, I will be buying this.


Voodoo: 2

Another character being brought from Wildstorm comics, Voodoo was part of the WildC.A.T.S. series. I was never drawn into this series and the synopsis doesn’t make her interesting enough to where I’d start buying her solo series.


Grifter: 4

My research shows that this is yet another Wildstorm comic character that’s being brought into the mainstream DC universe. This guy is getting branded as a serial killer when “he begins hunting and exterminating inhuman creatures hidden in human form that only he can see.” Is anyone else getting awesome They Live vibes here?


Suicide Squad: 1

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a bunch of death row baddies are recruited for a top secret mission since they have nothing left to lose! This has been done before except this time the team has a scantily clad Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and King Shark on it. So, I guess that sort of counts for something?


Deathstroke: 2

The biggest merc in the DCU is getting his own series. Slade Wilson (no relation to Wade) AKA Deathstroke is a badass assassin that kills for hire and promises to make his mark. This series sounds kind of repetitive. I’ll stick with Garth Ennis’ Hitman.


All-Star Western: 5

Okay, let me lay this out. This takes place in Gotham City during the Old West times. Amadeus Arkham recruits bounty hunter Jonah Hex to help the GCPD track down a serial killer. And it’s being written by Jonah Hex writer Jimmy Palmiotti? This series is strangely endearing and I find myself really looking forward to it.


O.M.A.C.: 1

Evidently, this guy gets turned into some sort of machine that’s the equivalent of an entire army? I honestly can’t tell. When a synopsis that’s suppose to be hooking readers doesn’t even make sense, you know that there’s a problem with the series.


Blackhawks: 2

This sounds like your typical futuristic war comic. That’s, by no means, a bad thing and the series looks like it could have some potential. Maybe.


Men of War: 3

Another war comic. This one focuses on ex-military guys turned private contractors led by the extremely dull named Joe Rock. The synopsis talks about how these contractors will be going against some of DCU’s biggest super-villains. That has some potential. If they manage to get solid characters in this team and then send them after villains like Killer Croc? I’d be willing to read that.


Teen Titans: 4

I’ve been waiting for Tim Drake to pop up somewhere! As Red Robin, he’s now leading the Teen Titans alongside Kid Flash and Wondergirl. The art for this series looks pretty awesome and it’s being written by Scott Lobdell. I’ve already mentioned that he wrote Generation X and will be fantastic at doing another series revolving around teenage superheroes.


Static Shock: 3

This  also took some research. Shock was originally a member of the Teen Titans, so fans of that will be interested. But he is most well known for the cartoon series that ran of the WB for a couple of seasons. This comic, like the show, will have a cult following. The art looks good - sticking with a more cartoonish look that fans of the show will appreciate.

Hawk and Dove: 2

Someone is trying to plunge America into a second civil war and it’s up to Hawk and Dove to stop them. This series is characterized by the odd couple of Hawk and Dove; Hawk is violent and Dove tries to solve things peacefully. This doesn’t mean it’s bad but that doesn’t mean it’s good either. I have to mention that Rob Liefeld, who worked on the original series in the 90s, is back on board. So that’s something.

Blue Beetle:  3

Another comic with a devoted fan following. Former Teen Titan Jamie Reyes has a lot to deal with. All the typical high school stuff that we all have to deal with at some point plus being, in a very Spiderman-like fashion, a superhero. His powers come from alien technology that was sent to destroy the world and he has to use them as a force for good. This series sounds decent enough.

Legion Lost: 4

Seven heroes are sent back from the 31st century in a very Terminator-like way to save the future from annihilation. No one gave them the memo that only organic matter can time travel without TARDIS/Delorean since their futuristic tech craps out on them upon arrival. Therefore, the heroes are left on their own to try to save the future before it can happen. An extra point goes to this series since it’s being written by Red Robin master writer Fabian Nicieza.

Legion of Superheroes: 2

This synopsis speaks about a Legion Academy being destroyed and how the heroes of this academy must now fight to save the world from an imminent war. It’d be nice if the synopsis gave some information about who these heroes are or what they’re supposed to do.  Instead, it simply states the bare minimum. Not the best advertising campaign.


 In Conclusion …

And there you have it! The 52 new titles that DC will be releasing between August 31st and September 28th. Some are good, some are bad, and some just don’t make any sense whatsoever. To all the people reading this, I encourage you to pick up some of these series when they come out. This year excluded, it’s not often that comic fans can get in on what’s sure to be a long running comic series at issue number 1. So take advantage of the good parts of the reboot while laughing at the dismal parts of it.

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