A Brief Breakdown of iOS 5

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For those of you with Apple’s mobile iOS devices (such as the iPhone and iPad), you will be seeing a huge update this Fall pushing the iOS software version up to v5.


Well, what comes with this update?


While the iOS 5 update boasts a mass of 200 new features (a bit of a push on the number for added publicity and such), there are 9 main features that you will probably want to draw to your attention.


Twitter Integration

Possibly my favorite of them all, we have the Twitter Integration into the OS. No longer is there a need for the Twitter app or launching it occasionally to continue getting updates. Now, it’s loaded in. Users will be able to tweet directly from some of the core apps (Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube and Maps) of the iOS.


Notification Center

Another neat little addition is the Notification Center. With a drop down panel that appears with the swipe of a finger, users will be able to see all their notifications in one convenient location. Anything from the standard Mail app to a 3rd Party app notification will be kept here. Notifications are also now displayed in a non intrusive way, so when a new notification arrives, it is briefly displayed at the top of your app.



Apple also announced that they would be opening the text messaging app on the iPhone to the iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 5. Features such as location and group messaging are to be included, all for free for any iOS user.



Seeing as news and magazine publishing was a dying industry before the iPad, it’s no surprise that Apple is strengthening their market with these publishers with the new Newsstand App. Now all newspaper and magazine subscriptions are stored in one place. And you don’t even have to run the app to update your magazines. So if you forget to do it before you leave, no problem-it updates it automatically in the background.



It’s basically a generic to-do list app with location capabilities and reminders, but for free. Nothing too special.


Camera App Tweaks

It’s always such a pain to struggle with your iPod when there’s a picture perfect moment happening in front of you. You have to unlock your iPod, dig through the apps to find a camera, the open it and take the picture. Fortunately, for us people who lack preparation for such moments, help is here. There’s now a camera button on the lock screen to optimize from-pocket-to-picture time. Added gestures for zoom and focus are also being added.



Finally, some functionality to the Photo app. With the iOS 5 update, users can fix up red-eye, crop, rotate, and enhance on the fly without having to move it through 20 different apps to get the image you want.



Apple reduced the level of annoying on Safari by adding tabs to the top browser and adding the option to hide a majority of the GUI panel at the top. There’s also a “Reading List” now that’s similar to bookmarks, but syncs with iCloud.


PC Free

No longer doth the victims of Apple have to wait to get home to their computers to start using their iDevice. Now it’s ready to be setup and/or restored right out of the box.


When to expect these features? There’s no definite release date from Apple, but they said to look for it this fall.

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