My Experience With Heavy Ink

In February, I had discovered the new Doctor Who ongoing Series featuring the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory. After finding one issue, I was ecstatic to continue reading. But my local comic book store wasn’t carrying the series yet and the second issue of the series was sold out by the time I made it to Hastings (the only other place that sells comics in these parts) after I was delayed by a freak snow storm. So I turned to everyone’s favorite cure-all to their daily conundrums: Google. And through Google, I eventually found

The more I read about this site, the more excited I got. They promise themselves to be the of the comic world (since CLEARLY Amazon isn’t good enough) and claim to have nearly everything in stock, top notch shipping and customer service, and the ability to subscribe to an entire series. Evidently, they hope to be a cornerstone of the entire online comic industry in the future.

I thought this was all too amazing to be real. I signed up immediately and opened up a subscription to get the new Doctor Who series along with everything else I normally read. My 45 minutes drive to the comic store was going to be a thing of the past! Since it was already past the date of when issue #2 of Doctor Who Ongoing came out, I went ahead and bought it. And thus began my nightmarish dealings with

I had no idea finding this comic would be harder than finding the freaking Holy Grail


I waited. And then I waited. And then I waited some more. Finally, after my patience ran out (which surprisingly took two weeks), I emailed the website. Their customer service rep told me that the comic’s new release date was in the middle of March, despite their website continuing to state that it had been released on February 9th. I could have understood this if this had been some shipping problem with IDW, the comic’s publisher. I emailed other retailers on Amazon that told me that the comic had already been released. Things were pointing to this being a screw-up on HeavyInk’s part.

Since I had already paid for my Heavyink order, I decided to wait and see how long this actually was going to take.I figured a reputable company could not provide THAT bad of a service. Call it dumb curiosity. By this point, it was mid March. The new release date that the customer service rep had given me in his email had come and gone. I had given up on Heavy Ink and canceled all my subscriptions, deciding the drive to my local store was worth it.

It was the 25th of March when I sent my second email to the Heavyink. By this point, my anger about this whole ordeal had grown so large that I had been reduced to cave man grunting sounds and obscene gestures when the words heavy and ink were mentioned in close proximity.

Finally, on March 28th, I got my comic. It took 40 days to get a single comic book from Arlington, Massachusetts to Memphis. Tennessee. For the sweet love of God, the freaking Pony Express could get across the country in ten days! Since this whole incident, I haven’t touched Heavyink. My local comic store saved me more pain-in-the-assery when they began to carry the Doctor Who series.

My advice to people interested in this site? Use it with caution. While my experience with them may have been an isolated incident, they’re not all they’re cracking themselves up to be. They promise to have many older issues in stock but fail to meet that goal.Their customer service is so-so; their customer service rep didn’t even respond to my second email. And I’ve already mentioned how fantastic their shipping is. So, if you’re in dire straits trying to find a single issue to complete a collection, you could try Heavy Ink; but first I recommend Amazon, eBay, the local comic book store, the comic book stores a county over, trying to buy the issue off your friends or the town hoarder, or just draw and write it yourself!

Trust me, it’s less of a headache.

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