Who is Chris X?

Greetings. I am Chris X; Absolutely no relation to Malcolm X. First off, thank you for your interest in Nerd Vice. It is going to be an institution that you’ll be happy to be a part of. And second off, unless you misclicked, thank you for your interest in me. I’m going to start off with who I am before I tell you what I do here on the site. I’m a nursing major at University of Memphis. Being a dude in the nursing program is as awesome as you might think - having to know every bone in the body also sucks as much as you might think it would.

I’ve written on and off my entire life, only transferring into online articles recently. I started by writing topics for cracked.com under the name TheEffingBoss. This was just more of a way to take up some time and I only got serious about this recently. When the awesome folks at Nerd Vice began putting this project together, I offered my expertise in the comic department. My comic obsession began when I was young. I grew up watching X-men: The Animated Series every Saturday morning. When I got older, my Mom came home from Kroger with an issue of Uncanny X-men.

From then on out, it was an obsession. It just grew and grew. Once I became a teenager with a decent amount of monetary income, it just exploded as I bought backlogged issues of X-men throughout the years. Although Uncanny X-men remains my all time favorite I am also a fan of Amazing Spiderman, X-Factor Investigations, Y: The Last Man, Preacher, The Losers, Transmetropolitan, The Crossed, The Darkness, Kickass, Watchmen, Sin City, Jeph Loeb Batman, and many other things that I can’t cram into this list without seeming redundant.

I have a lot of articles in store for this site plus I plan on starting a show called The Chris X Files (I have to give Vira Gunn credit for the awesomeness of that name. We both know the Truth is out there.). Once a week, I’m going to give a rundown of the best new comics that week, give my thoughts on comic news, and recommend a trade paperback either new or old to the listener. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, the link is down below in my bio thing.

My email is ChrisX@Nerdvice.com. Want comic advice or geek advice? Feel free to email!

Also, this article needs a picture:

Myself and my buddy, wax Danny Devito.

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Comic geek, addicted gamer, future murse, and sometimes a writer. The three coolest things ever are X-Men, Back to the Future, and Doctor Who. Just saying. You should be awesome and follow me on twitter. http://twitter.com/ChrisX104