The Top 5 Things About ‘Monday Night Combat’

There are few games to hit the scene quite like Uber Entertainment’s Monday Night Combat. The class-based shooter is affordable, has spawned an amazing fanbase, and is highly addictive. It’s been during many nights of playing long into the wee hours that I’ve grown to love a few little quirks of the game. There were many to choose from, but I’ve managed to narrow them down into my top 5 things about Monday Night Combat!
5. ProTags - As if obsessing over achievements weren’t enough, Uber Entertainment has now added a new host of badges for every OCD gamer to collect. As with other players of the game, after every match I find myself going to see if I’ve earned a new tag. When I have, the feeling can only be described as utter elation as I display it. Not only that, but there’s nothing that can really compare to the fear a certain tag can inspire in your opponents prior to a match. Thus, ProTags are on the list for being both a trophy and a battle cry.

4. The Ring Out - Whether it’s by a grapple, a charge, or an ejector, there’s few things quite as satisfying as watching your rival pro fly off the map. The money you earn from it is also incredibly rewarding and a key to upgrades — thus allowing you to beat them down further while ON the map.

3. Taunting - If I had one criticism about Monday Night Combat, it’d be the lack of teabagging. However, there’s something almost as good in the game: the taunt. For every pro, there’s at least two taunts depending on which weapon you have equipped at the time. The taunts take several seconds to perform and reward you extra coins if performed directly after killing another pro. It’s risky to do this in the middle of the battleground, but … it sends a message. The message being that you’re the bomb. 

2. The Assassin’s Slap Grapple - You bend over your opponent and slap them to death. Has there ever been a better, more humiliating way to kill someone in a game? I’ve been on the receiving end of this many a time and have raged heartily, but I’ve also screamed in unbridled ecstacy as I’ve dealt it out. There’s something wholy satisfying and insulting about these devious slaps.

1. Bacon - Yummy, delicious, and mouthwatering. Do I really need to explain this one?


Art provided by Natasha S.

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