The Third Chair - Episode 4 - DJ Arcas

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DJ Arcas, Vira Gunn, and the Gaming Goose discuss:

  • IGN’s “Fake or Gay?: Yoshi” story snafu. Is it homophobic?
  • The PSN debacle.
  • FortressCraft revisited with insight from its creator — DJ Arcas!
  • L.A. Noire’s skippable action sequences.

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About Vira Gunn

I'm the co-owner of Nerd Vice. I like to write things and occasionally I record a show called "The Third Chair" with The Gaming Goose. I'm a 23 year old woman from New Jersey. No, I don't know Snooki. I love purple leopard print. I consider "Super Mario Bros. 3" to be the perfect game.